Wednesday, 12 May 2010

so so lucky!

I am such a lucky girl-look what I received fro my newbie swap on sewing mamas!! I can't beleive how well Lorraine picked for me-although I have to say I've loved everything all the other mamas have been showing from their goodie boxes too-what a talented bunch of ladies

Before I start-apologies for the poor photography-when I get tired I shake, but I so wanted to show what I got!!
First up a gorgeous bag and pincushion from Rachel Flores-its a whopper of a pincushion-perfect for me, and the bag matches both my green handbags perfectly

Next a stunning blue apron from SewinLove -its something I have never got around to making for myself-this is going to get worn alot -its beautiful

Sorry tired uncooperative model shot again-but isn't the apron so so cute? From Jenn Carney-I'm so pleased I got this, I fell in love with it when Jenn sns'd it and it fits madam perfectly

next up-a so so pretty stripework dress form Kellybelly 77- CJ has alot of t-shirts that will go perfectly under this (our summers aren't very good lately) so its going to get alot of wear

now I'm really embarrassed by my photo here-the dress is a gorgeous salmon pink colour, the fabric is a waffle texture? and has a beautiful celestial print on it-I am so so in love with this dress-and it will fit perfectly come autumn. Its an Olivia (now I know why you all rave so much about this design!) from mdaisy

and finally a gorgeous ring sling from mysticwill. I was going to give this to my sis for my new nephew but i got to thinking-I really love it and am going to check with Heather if CJ is too big for it and how to do the sling up properly. I really struggle to carry her short distances form the car now and this would make it alot safer

I feel very blessed to have taken part-I really enjoyed this swap-thanks for looking at all my lovely gifts!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sewing mamas challenge

I love this pattern! Its Keyka Lou's camera wristlet-I made 3, the blue one for me, a pink for my sister's birthday and the orange/pink for a friend. I can see me making alot more of these, it was really fun to make. The only dissapointment was when I tried to use a magnetic clasp instead of velcro-the magnets I got were way too strong and would have ripped the fabric with too much use. Anyone know of a way to weaken a magnet lol?
These are Otto Raspberry trousers, I made them in linen with owls print cotton to match a little peasant blouse I'd already made. I deliberately left off the flap on one pocket so CJ could hid things in there. This was the first test of buttonholes on my new machine-so easy I'm going to be buttonholing everything from now on!

In unwilling model pose with a sunhat from the new Otto- I added a button to the top where the seams meet to neaten it off a bit, and a little orange gingham bow to the back. Trouble is she loves it too much-madam pulls it off her head and hugs it everytime I put it on her!

and finally-these aren't fr the stash challenge, but just some PJ bottoms using the scrapbag I bought from the fabric worm-I was really pleased with the fabrics in it-oh the hat main fabric came from the scrapbag too.
I was given the vintage (about 26 years old) blouses from a friend and thought they'd make good PJ tops

I have to start my sister's wedding invitations this week so I don't think I'll have a chance to sew anymore till they are done, but I loved taking part in the challeneg, it gave me the push I needed to practise my topstitching, tackle buttonholes-oh and french seams on a pair of leggings! (long story!)
Thanks for stopping by!