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These are the remnant bags I got for £2 each- mostly mama knits, poly content but alot I will use, especially the grey and blacks. My sister has already asked for some cushion covers in one of the fabrics.

The pics show 1 bag unpacked, I still have 1 to go through in the warehouse too and the 2 full ones in the office.

Its going to take me all week to sort through what I need out for now and what can be packed away

Sunday, 16 January 2011

my new years resolution

This is one of the free homespun threads patterns, made for my friend in australia's very late christmas present. I made a lipsalve holder keyring thingie and a glasses case to go with it too
Its the last scraps of the 6 metres of denim I got years ago for £10, its done well! The japanese linen was hideously expensive but its the first fabric I simply had to have at (almost) any cost! I got 1/2 a metre of the red colourway too for me but I know I'll take forever until I can bear to cut into it

I have a new years resolution-well rather more than one, but one of them is to gradually reorganise at home. I've been picking troublespots and trying to find a way to bring order to chaos

Yes one step at a time is going to take all year at least but a girl's got to start somewhere right?

Hairclips-the bane of my life-she leaves them everywhere and yet we can never find one when we need it!

The machine embroidery was a sample I did for Claudie's curtains-they have 3 of these bears in different poses along the hem-anyway this one was sitting around doing nothing. So I used an old picture frame, some ribbon and borrowed mums glue gun. I love it- I've seen a few of these around on blogs and loved the idea

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