Saturday, 24 July 2010

Autumn clothes

This was suposed to be the Otto Muffin tunic-turned out a little too long-but it makes a nice dress too! It was my very first attempt with my serger-it didnt turn out too bad

My second serger attempt-a recycled t-shirt. This was a 25p t-shirt from a car boot sale, but it was too small. I loved the tortoise logo on the front so using the Farbenmix Imke pattern I made it a bit wider and put long sleeves on it-I'm really pleased with this !

Couldn't resist this shot of CJ playing ar guitar! Otto 4/10 #2
I wanted it to be more of a top than a dress but forgot that when I cut it out- I've chopped about 4 inches off the bottom now so she can crawl in it. Sorry for the blurry shots-DH took the camera to an airshow so I had to take them on my phone
The fabric is Robert Kauffman Apples-they are CJ's favourite food

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