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doll clothes

Ok I've been bitten by the doll clothes bug!!

She's a designafriend doll-same height as an American Girl doll, but a little slimmer in the body

Oliver and s tea party dress from the book

and school uniform! The top is a free Liberty Jane pattern-love it, the first time I have managed to do a placket without screaming lol. I based the skirt on the Oliver and S music class skirt- must find CJ's school skirt I made with this pattern and photograph next
The doll (now named Charlie after her cousin) was a first day of school present for our little lady

Um ok, not so ladylike!! Farbenmix Imke using a thrifted Hello Kitty shirt and using up scraps of fabric-so scrappy in fact that both sleeves have a section with ribbon trim hiding a seam beacause I didn't have enough left to get a full pattern piece out!

This is my second half of week 1 SG, now to find the stuff already in use that I made earlier in the week
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some silhouette bits and skirts

I have been trying to use my Silhouette Cameo more, I have a few more non-fabric projects in progress too, I will photograph those this week

I upcycled a duvet cover to make P.E bags for Claudie and her friends -they all start school in September.
I made sunglasses cases as thank you presents for CJ's preschool teachers with some sparkly denim I had left over, only just enough but I did it! I lined them with flannel

2 Oliver and S reversible hula hoop skirts, madam loves these but I cannot seem to get a decent photo of her wearing them!

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Yet more dresses

ok not just dresses but I have made another couple of the Funktional threads Rachel

 I love this one! An old John Rocha t-shirt of CJ's upcycled as a birthday present for a little friend's bithday tomorrow
 I have a love/hate relationship with this dress. I like the sleeves, cut from a shirt of mine, and cj loves the design but it got washed with something that bled indigo dye on the pink sections of the skirt so I had to take it apart and replace them. Oh the things I do for this child LOL
I have never sewn a cardigan before, but at £14 each for a knitted one in the shops it was definitely cheaper to buy a pdf pattern and have a go.
Ok so by the time I bought the kam setter and snaps it worked out alot more expensive but long term its a good investment-so I tell my husband!!
I've now made 3 or 4 for cj and my baby niece, they are getting addictive!!

 We had 2 days of sunshine last week so I went all wild and crazy and made shorts (elephants and elegance pdf pattern) Yes it is officially my fault that there was snow in the UK today LOL
and finally I had to recover Claudie's little Ikea chair-my fault I shrank the cover in the dryer. She picked the fabric herself- i am glad there is enough left over for me to make a tote bag too. The original plan was to recover the existing cushion but it was flat and lumpy so I used pillows to make new cushions.
Madam is very pleased with it

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

noodlehead basket

I love this pattern-this will be the first of fact I have to make another identical since this one is a gift, and madam seems to think its for her!

It's going to the preschool CJ attends filled with playdough cutters/ tools etc. We were asked if we wanted to get gifts when the kids leave if we would please get something for the children to play with instead.

But as madam has demonstrated it would also make a good bath toy bag! The russian doll fabric is laminated, the inside is cotton poplin that I covered with laminate film

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring at last!

We finally have some sunshine!
In the past I have always made Claudie trousers for the summer, with maybe one o two skirts.This year she has finally decided she wants skirts and dresses!!!!
(Can you tell mama is happy about that?LOL)

I seem to have acquired alot of pdf patterns this year so thought it was about time I used some

This is Funktional threads Lauren-I found the instructions a little confusing but the designer and girls on her facebook page were super helpful

The next one is another Funktional threads pattern, Rachel. Claudie loves the cartoon Ruby Gloom, we watch them practically every day on netflix so we managed to find some t-shirts on ebay

She loves it so much she had to wear it that day-hence long sleeves under it-this dress is either in the wash, on on her body!
Finally-a dress for Mama3many's youngest, as a thank you for the beautiful doll she made for CJ
Its Portabello Pixie, Gracie. I had alot of fun making this because CJ is not normally into ruffles and frills-so of course she sees this dress and is now unhappy its not for her!

Its straight I promise, just on the hanger wobbly!
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