Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring at last!

We finally have some sunshine!
In the past I have always made Claudie trousers for the summer, with maybe one o two skirts.This year she has finally decided she wants skirts and dresses!!!!
(Can you tell mama is happy about that?LOL)

I seem to have acquired alot of pdf patterns this year so thought it was about time I used some

This is Funktional threads Lauren-I found the instructions a little confusing but the designer and girls on her facebook page were super helpful

The next one is another Funktional threads pattern, Rachel. Claudie loves the cartoon Ruby Gloom, we watch them practically every day on netflix so we managed to find some t-shirts on ebay

She loves it so much she had to wear it that day-hence long sleeves under it-this dress is either in the wash, on on her body!
Finally-a dress for Mama3many's youngest, as a thank you for the beautiful doll she made for CJ
Its Portabello Pixie, Gracie. I had alot of fun making this because CJ is not normally into ruffles and frills-so of course she sees this dress and is now unhappy its not for her!

Its straight I promise, just on the hanger wobbly!
Thanks for looking!

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