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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I don't feel I've had that productive a stash game so far- probably because I haven't yet started on clothes for Claudie-but I had to make the rice heat/cold packs ready for the HMSA weekend first

All finished yesterday so I have 3 1/2hrs to sew for me while she is at preschool tomorrow-yipeee!

Ok, all of these are rice heat/cold packs- the tiny ones are to velcro round your wrist-I am sure there is 1 more of these, I will have to hunt around for it

Although they didn't use yardage they did help get my scrap box lid to close so its a personal victory at least,even if they aren't many points LOL
I haven't worked out points yet because when I download the spreadsheet the last few columns are showing the formulas and I need the IT god to fix it after I've fed him tea
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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hello kitty!

I love the latest kids otto- CJ evidently NEEDS everything thats in her size-an also wants a few of those too big for her LOL

First up though-hello kitty baby outfit for my sister's baby due in a month time #1,2,3 and a dribble bib. I'm still a little unsure on the black binding for a baby though

#12 in the same fabric-do you think she likes it ?hehehe. I love ths style, I'll be making a few more
still hello kitty (noticing a theme here?) but a different print-very hard to photograph clearly, #14 without the pintucks

and #13 magic tale hooded jacket, I really like this one

Thanks for looking!

new bathroom

Its finished!!!

This s our old bathroom-please note the trendy peach bidet and flowery tiles

After 2 weeks of very hard work by our lovely builders (and painted by dh) now transformed to this

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bits and pieces

Lots of bits and pieces this post-it feels like I haven't updated in simply ages!

Leggings from the new otto-I made a red pair too. these are lovely and are my new go to pattern. Sorry for the pic its the best modelled one I could get! (I didn't make the dress, it was in the Next sale)

Teachers gifts for preschool. I made coasters from my scrap box, added some fun teabags with thank you messages on them, and cj made cookies

The free racerback pattern, I made two summer nighties for CJ, she loves them :-)

a handbag organiser for me and the smallest ditty bag from keyka lou-in hindsight I should have made the next size up-this one is too small for all the medication I need to carry

This was made for a friend's 40th birthday present-alexander henry owls fabric I had to get over from Ireland but she saw this bag in this print on Pinterest and loved it. Keyka lou grocery bag to match using the last tiny bit of AH fabric

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

new bunnies!!!!