Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I don't feel I've had that productive a stash game so far- probably because I haven't yet started on clothes for Claudie-but I had to make the rice heat/cold packs ready for the HMSA weekend first

All finished yesterday so I have 3 1/2hrs to sew for me while she is at preschool tomorrow-yipeee!

Ok, all of these are rice heat/cold packs- the tiny ones are to velcro round your wrist-I am sure there is 1 more of these, I will have to hunt around for it

Although they didn't use yardage they did help get my scrap box lid to close so its a personal victory at least,even if they aren't many points LOL
I haven't worked out points yet because when I download the spreadsheet the last few columns are showing the formulas and I need the IT god to fix it after I've fed him tea
Thanks for looking!

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