Tuesday, 17 August 2010

wedding outfits

Not quite sure what blogger is doing with my photo today so excuse the squiffy layout!
This is Portabelle Pixie Gracie- the jumper pattern.
I love it but the pattern is definitely missing a few instructions-there are no dots on the front pattern piece yet you are told to gather between them. The instructions to put the collar on seem over complicated and confusing too

Madam was in a silly mood so action shots is the best I could get! I made it for her to change into once my sisters wedding ceremony is over and the pictures are taken. Crawling is not advisale in a bit frilly net skirted dress so she can wear this with some brown velvet trousers

I'm still not sure if I'm wearing this to my sisters wedding. The tunic is from an Otto, I'm really pleased with it-consdering its a slippy fabric, stretch jersey and had a pattern to match up!

Right off to look for an apron pattern-I finally get to do a swap with people in the UK :-)
Thanks for looking