Wednesday, 30 June 2010

bits and pieces

I'm trying hard not to make CJ any more summer clothes-she has enough! So before I start on autumn/wimter I made a couple of non clothing bits for a change
This is one of the nappy bags from One Yard wonders- the change pad is part of the bag and folds up at the back. My favourite fabric ever- but I only had 1/2 yard so had to use off white linen as well, I think it would have looked too busy all in the pattern anyway

Ok so I lied but I made these a few weeks back- Djorte again, in Riley Blake fabric-I love these so bright and sunny

A messenger bag for my niece's birthday-again from One Yard wonders

and one of the 4 sleeping bags I ended up making, 2 for cj and 2 for my nephew-the applique is a giraffe from some Ikea fabric.

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